Ginger cake flat-lay

New Cake Flavour!

I know it’s not long since my last (first!) blog post but I did promise to report back on my latest test-bake, with a view to adding a new cake flavour to my menu, so I’m here to do that now…

I have distinct memories as a very young child of watching my Dad sat on our front room floor (usually very muddy post-run, so he wasn’t allowed on the settee!) dunking Jacobs ginger fingers in his coffee and avariciously downing them whole.  I’ve obviously inherited my penchant for this flavour (and my biscuit-eating method!) from him as, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved ginger… ginger biscuits (nuts, snaps and gingerbread men!), ginger sponge with treacle sauce (that was always a good school day!), ginger cake, ginger treacle tart and, in adulthood, ginger and lemon tea.

So my obvious choice for a new test-bake was Sticky Stem Ginger Cake…

Fresh from the oven!

cake fresh from the oven aerial view

and a flat-lay image too as I couldn’t decide which looked most tempting!


Scrumptious fillings…

I made fillings of ginger buttercream and lemon curd, and lemon Belgian white chocolate ganache for coating…

Bowls of cake fillings

Perhaps ginger with lemon is a little predictable but the flavours do marry so well.

Stem Ginger Cake

Here’s the cake… don’t look too closely – as this wasn’t a wedding cake and simply a test cake I omitted my usual final hot bench scraper stage for a smooth, glass-like finish…

Ginger & lemon cake

It cuts nice and cleanly…

Sliced ginger and lemon cake

so to undertake the vital consumer taste-testing I provided four of my neighbours with a generous slice and a questionnaire each…

ginger and lemon cake slice

asking them to give scores out of 5 for cake flavour, texture, buttercream flavour, curd flavour and overall balance of flavours.

The Results

Four of the categories received scores of 90 to 95% and the texture brought the overall percentage to 89%.  Of course, I would have preferred the texture to score more highly but, as any cake-maker knows, a cake being ‘slightly too moist’ is far better than it being described as dry (ultimate baking crime!) and is easily solved (below).  This cake, with stem ginger, black treacle and dark muscovado sugar is, as expected, very dense, rich and moist so perhaps not for those who prefer a light sponge – or are not usually cake-eaters (one of my testers who I was unable to convert!).  I’ll have to ply him with a different flavour!  But, I offer a comprehensive range of flavours and textures, so there is something for everyone!

The fillings received positive feedback – one taster gave the lemon curd a mark of 6 out of 5 and another said the ganache was ‘out of this world’!  The ginger buttercream also received good reviews for taste but only one tester could name it so I need to tweak that ever so slightly to make it less subtle (without compromising the overall balance of flavours) which will also result in a firmer buttercream, thus helping with the overall texture of the sponge layers.

I’m delighted to add this third new flavour to my range!

Wedding Cake Consultation

If you’re recently engaged and are in the midst of wedding planning then searching for your wedding cake is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable elements and I would be delighted to welcome you for a consultation where you’ll be able to sample a variety of flavours from my new menu.  I’m based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, deliver to venues throughout the Yorkshire region and look forward to meeting you!

With love, Amanda x