Sugar Rose Tutorial

Today, I’m talking about sugar roses… probably one of the most popular flowers to adorn a wedding cake… but they do take some time to master.

Small sugar roses

Establishing my business in July 2009, initially supplying tea rooms and farm shops with my cupcakes and layer cakes, I ventured into creating wedding cakes six months later in 2010 and have been making sugar roses ever since. I started off small, simply following the instructions in my rose petal cutter set, and by 2011 I was happy with my small sugar roses in that I could consistently make them well… small ivory sugar roses

Large sugar roses

In 2012 I progressed to larger blooms and, alongside fulfilling wedding commissions and honing my other sugarcraft skills, started practising…large ivory sugar rosetweaking, and practising…large ivory sugar rosesand tweaking…ivory and white sugar rosesuntil I was finally completely satisfied with them in 2014…pink and ivory sugar rosesOr so I thought. I subsequently decided I could improve upon them (my petals were still too ‘clunky’) so practised some more and in 2016 created a large sugar rose I was thoroughly happy with…delicate ivory sugar roseto adorn this wedding cake…ivory wedding cake with sugar rose

Large Sugar Rose Tutorial

Yes, being happy with my large sugar roses took a while. So it doesn’t take you so long I decided to create a sugar rose tutorial, which I launched in May this year.  It’s for a sweet-avalanche style rose and comprises twenty-four pages of fully-illustrated, step-by-step instructions, beautifully captured by Amanda Manby Photography, and I’m thrilled so many have chosen to buy it! Here are a few teaser shots from the tutorial itself…rose bud centre

manipulating sugar petals

curling sugar petal edges

attaching rose petals to bud


gluing petal

small sugar rose

gluing sugar rose petals

attaching final rose petal

wiring sugar rose petals

arranging sugar rose petals


sweet avalanche style sugar rose

I’m planning more tutorials in the future… hopefully a David Austin rose… lots….

david austin and cappucino rosesand lots…close up david austin and cappucino rosesand lots of petals!David Austin sugar rose

Please feel free to check out my Tuition page for further details of my tutorials and sugarcraft tuition I offer!

With love,  Amanda x

Amanda Earl monogram