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Sugarcraft Tuition and Tutorials

Today, I thought I’d talk about my sugarcraft tuition and tutorials and share with you some behind-the-scene shots of my recent Café au Lait Tutorial shoot.  I’m also sharing some snippets of the actual Tutorial too!  Read on!

The Photographer

Firstly though, I must mention the photographer.  I chose Amanda Manby Photography for the shoot for a number of reasons.  I first met Amanda when she became my new neighbour on moving house 18 months ago.  It was really nice to meet someone nearby who is also self-employed, also works from home, also works in the wedding industry and with whom I have a lot in common too.  So, as I admire Amanda’s photography – weddings, couple shoots, family shoots, portraits (all of it!) and feel completely comfortable in her company, she was the obvious choice!  Amanda did a fabulous job!   Due to Amanda’s dedication, turnaround was very fast too.  In fact, all the photos were of such excellent quality I chose more than 50 step-by-step photographs to accompany my comprehensive instructions.  Thank you, Amanda, for doing such a fabulous job! x

I’m excited to release my first tutorial and am planning more in the future.  They’ll always be about sugar flowers though – character modelling is not my forte and, whilst I could apply the same perseverance I have to learning how to make flowers and perhaps become half-decent at modelling, and greatly admire those who are experts at character modelling (like Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique, for example), I have no desire to master them so, for me, it’ll always be about the flowers (and the piping!).

My tutorials are ideal for those unable to travel to me for private tuition.  Of course, for a true learning experience 1-to-1 tuition, which I’ve offered for two years now, is invaluable.  It’s completely tailored to you but is never limited to that, providing you with the added benefit and the perfect opportunity of gleaning all sorts of hints and tips – you can ask me anything!  Really!  (When it comes to sharing what I’ve learnt over almost eight years I’m a complete open book!)  But for those simply seeking comprehensive instructions on a specific flower then my downloadable tutorials are a great resource.

Sugarcraft Tutorial – behind the scenes

For the shoot, having paid more attention to my hands looking half decent than applying any make-up, the behind-the-scenes shots of me are, erm, au naturel.   (Eek!)kneading florist paste

Amanda Ex-13

Amanda Ex-15

Amanda Ex-7

Amanda Ex-5

gluing sugar petals

Amanda Ex-11

Café au Lait Dahlia Tutorial

The tutorial is available to download in PDF format and covers tools, materials and method with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions.  Here are some screenshot snippets (not too many though – it has to earn its keep!).

Tution snippet collage

I’m thrilled with how well the Tutorial has been received – thank you to all who’ve bought it!  Please feel free to share your results – I would love to see them!  And, of course, if you’d like some private sugarcraft tuition please feel free to get in touch – I’m based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

With love, Amanda x

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