Your wedding cake consultation


Your wedding cake consultation

As 2019 draws to a close, and with wedding consultations scheduled in January and February 2020,  I thought I’d let you know what to expect from your wedding cake consultation.display cakes for wedding consultations

Your enquiry

When you enquire it’s a good idea to provide some details of your wedding styling.  This way, I can take inspiration from your carefully chosen elements and ultimately design a bespoke cake to complement your day.  So, it’s best to book your wedding cake consultation once you’ve chosen, or have firm ideas about, your wedding outfits and flowers.

It’s also helpful to let me know the size of cake you’d like.  On my Prices page I have price ranges for decorated cakes to give you an idea of the potential cost.

Booking your wedding cake consultation

So, once you know you’re happy with my style and pricing we arrange a date and time to meet.  (Your consultation usually lasts between one and two hours.)

Also, I ask you to select your preferred sample flavour from my menu of 17 flavours.  I provide this flavour, freshly baked, plus any other previously frozen flavours I have available.  Whilst freezing doesn’t impair the flavour or texture, I never provide previously frozen wedding cakes.  I always freshly bake them just for you.  Freezing sample bakes just means I can offer you as many flavours as possible at consultations…

your wedding cake consultation cake samples

My fee for a face-to-face wedding cake consultation is £25, payable in advance and redeemable against a wedding cake order exceeding £500 (excluding delivery).

What should you bring to your wedding cake consultation?

Mood boards are really helpful.  They let me see just the kind of style you like and give me a feel for your day.  By way of example, here are mood boards a recent bride provided…

autumnal moodboard

moodboard of autumnal blush claret peach flowers

Pinterest or an instagram hashtag search are your friends here, along with your favourite wedding blog.  Of course, you may prefer to old-school it.  If so, a scrapbook or file of cuttings will do perfectly well!  It’s wise to set yourself some parameters though, to avoid falling down the rabbit hole.  So, have a good think about your preferred colours, floral styling, wedding bouquets.  Also, venue styling, dresses, suits, waistcoats, ties, shoes, etc and get pinning, saving or snipping!

Providing the same mood board to all your creative wedding suppliers ensures seamless continuity.

Details of your other wedding supplier choices also give me an insight into your preferred style.

Drawing inspiration from the mood boards above, along with fresh flower details, I designed and created this (award-winning) wedding cake…

autumnal floral green burgundy blush wedding cake

close up autumnal wedding sugar flowers

close up blush burgundy ivory sugar flowers

wedding cake close up burgundy, pink and blush sugar flowers and berries

which complemented the fresh floral displays beautifully…

Lucy MacNicoll Floral Design autumnal earthy tones

What if you don’t know the style of cake you want?

That’s absolutely fine.  It’s what I’m here for.  Whilst some couples come to me with ideas, the majority don’t.  Every cake I design starts with a blank canvas.  You don’t need to provide images of wedding cakes as I don’t copy other cake designers’ work.  Instead, I’m inspired by sources outside the cake industry, demonstrated by this mood board I made for a cake design… mood board for art nouveau cake designInspiration for your cake may be your floristry choices, your venue’s architecture or decor, patterns, textures or embellishments from your wedding outfits.  Or, perhaps, any jewellery you intend to wear, your invitations etc.  Drawing from this inspiration, I’m able to design a cake unique to you, your style and your wedding!

What happens during your wedding cake consultation?

Cake tasting

Well, first of all, you both get to eat many flavours of cake!  wedding cake consultations taste samples

Once you’ve polished off my cake samples you can either choose your preferred flavours for your big day there and then, or decide later.  I find most couples choose during a consultation when the flavours and textures are fresh in their minds.  But, if you want to go away and think about it, that’s fine too.

Design process

Then, it’s on to the design.  There’ll be an array of display cakes for you to view up close, to see the delicacy, detail and variety of my work….

Amanda Earl Cake Design wedding cake consultation display cakes

Amanda Earl Cake Design bespoke wedding cakes

Amanda Earl Cake Design wedding display cakesWe have a chat about your wedding styling/mood boards etc and I get to know you and your style.  Whether you like order and uniformity, botanical and natural, symmetry or random styling.  Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or neither, I design accordingly.

I can then start to roughly sketch your cake design.  With an eraser to hand, we work together and I sketch and tweak until you’re completely happy!  I draw this rough sketch to scale.  This way, you get a really good idea of how your wedding cake will look.  (For comparison, click the rough sketch below to see the finished cake!)

rough cake sketch

Moroccan-inspired wedding cake

I never ask your budget.  If necessary, to help you make informed design choices, I can indicate prices of any decorative elements you choose or I suggest.  I am highly intuitive and design according to your reactions (and facial expressions!).  So you can be sure the design will be in line with your anticipated spend without you disclosing this information to me.

The paperwork

Within 24 hours I email the paperwork and my quotation, fully-itemised so you know how that final figure is reached.  I hold your date, deposit-free, for three days.  This allows you to consider the design and cost.  Meanwhile, I’m able to respond to any enquiries for your date, offering you the option to secure/first refusal if necessary.

I’m unable to hold unsecured dates open indefinitely.  Whilst I’d love to make your cake, without receipt of a deposit, after three days I can no longer guarantee my availability for your wedding.  That said, given my high success rate with wedding cake consultations, many couples indicate either during a consultation, or within a day of receiving a quotation, that they’d love to commission me to create their cake.

“I knew right from the very beginning that we were in capable hands and that you would produce a beautiful cake.” J, bride
“…we were both bowled over by you and your cakes.  The deliciousness, style and evident skill were further complemented by your obvious passion, intelligence and dedication to both your craft and your customers.  You were the only choice for us and we would be exceptionally grateful of your services for our special big day.”  R, bride

So, it’s highly likely and reassuring to know that if we meet for a wedding cake consultation you’ll be able to tick another item off your wedmin list!

Securing your wedding cake order

If you’d like to secure your order I ask for a deposit of half the total order value.  Once secured, I provide a full-colour, annotated sketch of your cake design.  Here are some examples…

wedding cake sketches

Alternatively, if you’re planning your wedding remotely I can offer a phone consultation and provide a quotation.  You may then secure your order as above.

Or, if you’re unable to meet me until closer to your wedding we can have an initial chat.  If you wish to ensure my availability you’re then welcome to secure your date.  In this case, I ask for an interim deposit of half the starting price of your required size of cake.  Once we’ve had the chance to meet face-to-face and I’ve provided a quotation the balance deposit is then payable.

Do you hold consultations for celebration cakes?

Yes!  Whilst the majority of the commissions I accept are for wedding cakes I do also create celebration cakes for milestone events such as anniversaries and Christenings/Naming days…

ruby wedding cake ivory hand piping

Pink and white christening cake with sugar peach blossoms

My minimum order value is £400 whatever the celebration.  Given this potential cost, I believe you deserve the same level of service as my wedding clients.  So, if you’d like to commission me to create a celebration cake I’d love to meet you.  Alternatively, if you’re unable to meet with me in person, I can offer a phone consultation.

Bespoke cake design

Would you like me to design a unique centrepiece of edible art for your special day?  If so, feel free to get in touch to book your wedding cake consultation.  You’ll eat many flavours of cake, we’ll chat weddings whilst I sketch.  You’ll leave happy, with a real sense of your final bespoke design, ticking another item off your wedmin list!  What are you waiting for?

With love, Amanda x

Amanda Earl monogram