• How much will my cake cost?

    All my cakes are bespoke so prices vary depending on the design. You’ll find a price guide, including average prices, on my Prices page.

  • We haven't set our date yet, could you provide a quotation?

    I can only provide a quotation once I know your wedding date and am able to confirm my availability, so it’s best to get in touch once you’ve set your date and booked your venue.

  • I've found a cake I like, could you copy it?

    Whilst it’s helpful for you to provide design inspiration I don’t copy other cake designers’ work. I love to take inspiration from nature, floristry, architecture, fabric patterns and textures, jewellery, ceramics, interior design, fashion, stationery, etc, rather than cakes, and thrive on the creativity of designing a cake unique to you, your style and your wedding!

  • Could I taste some cake samples?

    Yes, of course! I offer a face-to-face consultation, to include taste samples. I charge £25 for this service which is redeemable against a wedding cake order exceeding £500. For those wedding planning remotely my Cake by post service is available – see Service page for details.

  • When should I book a consultation?

    Usually, if you’re marrying in peak wedding season (May to October) it’s best to get in touch 9 to 15 months before your wedding date. Outside of peak wedding season 9 to 12 months ahead is usually sufficient. Please see the Service page for more details.

  • How do I secure my date?

    If you are sure, prior to a consultation/tasting, that you would like to commission me to create your wedding cake then, to avoid disappointment, there is the option to secure your date with a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. Further details can be provided on request.

  • Where is your shop?

    Amanda Earl Cake Design is a home-based business (registered with Harrogate Borough Council EHO and awarded the highest Food Standards Agency rating attainable) with no retail premises. Location details will be provided when you book your consultation.

  • Could I have fresh flowers on my cake?

    Sorry, no, I don’t use fresh flowers on any of my cakes. All the designs in my portfolio feature handcrafted sugar flowers. Delicate sugar flowers and foliage are my speciality which I create in my signature style bespoke to you.

  • A relative is baking my cake, could you decorate it?

    Whilst I appreciate this is a lovely sentiment, unfortunately not. From a Health and Safety perspective I cannot guarantee to you or your guests what the cake contains or prove where the ingredients were sourced. Should there be any problems with the cake it could pose a risk to my reputation and that of my business.

  • Do you make novelty wedding cakes?

    Sorry, I don’t. Floral design with intricate hand piping is my signature style. Your wedding cake is important so it’s essential to choose a designer you are ‘in tune’ with – please feel free to browse my portfolio to see if my style is a good fit for you.

  • Could I have a variety of flavours?

    Yes, of course – a different flavour per tier if you wish! See the Taste page for my menu of 17 flavours.

  • I find icing too sweet, could I have my cake without?

    Yes, of course. Although I don’t offer ‘naked’ or ‘semi-naked’ cakes as part of my range, I do offer cakes coated in chocolate ganache only. However, they are vulnerable to heat sources so are unsuitable for summer marquee or outdoor weddings and are only available during the colder months (November to March).

  • Could I have fresh cream or cream cheese frosting in my cake?

    Fresh cream and cream cheese are classed as ‘unstable’ foods and should be kept refrigerated whereas wedding cakes should be stored at ambient room temperature. To comply with EHO guidelines I do not provide any cakes filled with fresh cream or cream cheese.

  • Could I collect my cake?

    For cakes of three tiers and over I recommend opting for my delivery service but for smaller cakes there is the option to collect by prior appointment. I will provide full, written, transportation instructions.

  • I'd like to keep my sugar flowers, how do I go about this?

    Simply ask your venue to carefully remove your sugar flower arrangement(s) prior to cutting your cake and place them in the box and protective biodegradable packaging I provide. The flowers will keep indefinitely if stored in this box in a cool dry place. You may also wish to add silica sachets to the box to divert any moisture away from your flowers. Alternatively, if you’d like to display them choose a location away from sources of moisture, heat and sunlight, ideally in a cabinet or a display box to protect them from dust. Stored or displayed correctly your sugar flowers will last forever and serve as a lovely memento of your special day!

  • A cake is just flour, butter, sugar and eggs - so why are they so expensive?

    An artisan bespoke cake is not just about the cost of ingredients, in the same way an original painting is not just about the price of the paint. A bespoke cake is a piece of edible art. Time spent by the artist, both in designing and creating your cake and investing in and honing their skill, along with their level of expertise is reflected in the price of your cake. The creation of the cake itself is a four-day process – before any decoration is applied. The decorative work can take anywhere from 10 to 40+ hours depending on the design. So when you consider the price of my handcrafted cakes it’s worth remembering that what you are paying for, in addition to finest quality, local, fair trade and organic ingredients, is time.

wedding cake with sugar flowers