At Amanda Earl Cake Design we are passionate about using the finest quality ingredients. We know it is insufficient for a cake simply to look good – it has to taste good too. In our five-star rated kitchen (the highest Food Standards Agency rating attainable) we use the most natural unadulterated products and fruits to flavour our cakes to create a little taste of heaven!
cake ingredients

We hand make from scratch all our cakes, ganaches, pralines, sea salted caramel, fruit curds, fruit purées, masala chai, sugar syrups and buttercreams, putting as much effort into our flavour as we do our decoration to provide you with the freshest, most delicious cakes possible.

Wherever possible, our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers here in rural North Yorkshire. We always use local free range eggs laid by Ian Taylor’s hens at Burton Leonard, local seasonal fruit and locally-grown Yorkshire Lavender. So, when you bite into one of our cakes you may take pleasure in the thought that you are supporting local hard-working producers.

For those ingredients not available locally we always make sure we source the finest quality, such as fair-trade raw cane sugar, organic milk, real British butter, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Carma Massa Ticino sugarpaste, Callebaut couverture chocolate and the finest organic fair-trade cocoa.

Our sponge cakes are a generous five to six inches deep and contain four layers of cake and three layers of filling.  They are coated in couverture Belgian white chocolate ganache/complementary citrus Belgian white chocolate ganache before being iced in a thin layer of premium sugarpaste. Our traditional rich fruit cake is matured for a minimum of three months before being coated in luxury almond paste and premium sugarpaste.

We do not offer ‘naked’ or ‘semi-naked’ cakes as part of our range.  Please see our Blog post for further details.

Cake flavours

  • Almond & Cherry

    Almond sponge layered with almond praline buttercream and black cherry conserve. (A) (N)

  • Caramel & Praline

    Caramel sponge layered with almond/hazelnut praline buttercream and home made sea salted caramel sauce. (A) (N)

  • Carrot

    Spicy carrot cake layered with zesty lemon buttercream. (N)

  • Champagne & Strawberry

    Marc de Champagne-infused Madagascan bourbon vanilla sponge layered with Marc de Champagne buttercream and strawberry & Marc de Champagne conserve. (A)

  • Dark Chocolate Fudge

    Indulgent, rich, dense Belgian dark chocolate cake layered with Madagascan vanilla/dark chocolate buttercream. (A)

  • Dark Mint Chocolate Fudge

    Indulgent, rich, dense Belgian dark chocolate and pure peppermint cake layered with peppermint/peppermint dark chocolate buttercream. (A)

  • Coconut & Lime

    Coconut sponge layered with zesty lime and coconut rum buttercream and home made lime curd. (A)

  • Elderflower & Gooseberry

    Subtly floral, fragrant, elderflower sponge layered with elderflower buttercream and gooseberry preserve.

  • Lavender

    Delicately fragrant lavender sponge layered with lavender buttercream and pear conserve.

  • Lemony Lemon

    Zesty lemon sponge layered with lemon buttercream and home made lemon curd.

  • Luscious Lime

    Zesty lime sponge layered with lime buttercream and home made lime curd.

  • Madagascan Vanilla

    Classic Madagascan bourbon vanilla sponge layered with Madagascan bourbon vanilla buttercream and raspberry/strawberry conserve. (A)

  • Madagascan Vanilla, Strawberry & White Chocolate

    Madagascan bourbon vanilla, strawberry and white chocolate sponge layered with fresh strawberry buttercream and Belgian white chocolate ganache. (A) (S)

  • Masala Chai

    Aromatic sponge spiced with home made masala chai, infused with cardamom syrup and layered with masala chai buttercream.

  • Rose & Raspberry

    Delicately floral rose and raspberry sponge layered with fresh raspberry buttercream and raspberry conserve. (A) (S)

  • Stem Ginger

    Sticky stem ginger cake layered with zesty lemon buttercream.

  • Traditional Rich Fruit

    Matured rich full-bodied cake laden with brandy-soaked fruit and nuts and infused with finest quality brandy. (A) (N)

almond and cherry

caramel and praline

champagne and strawberry

coconut and lime

dark chocolate fudge


masala chai and cherry

rose and raspberry

Allergies & special dietary requirements

Allergens: our cakes contain wheat, eggs and dairy, some contain alcohol (either as an ingredient or within an extract), certain flavours contain nuts and all are baked in a kitchen which uses nuts. We offer cakes without nuts as an ingredient but do not have dedicated workspace and equipment for the preparation of nut-free cakes so, whilst we take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that our cakes do not contain nut traces. We do not offer dairy-free or egg-free cakes. We can offer cakes made without gluten-containing ingredients but as we use wheat in our kitchen we are unable to guarantee they are gluten-free.

(A) = contains alcohol (N) = contains nuts (S) = subject to seasonal availability