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Micro wedding cake options

Micro wedding/postpone/marry now, party later

I thought I’d write a quick blog post in response to the government announcement on 22 September that wedding receptions will be restricted to 15 people from 28 September onwards, possibly for six months.  Whether you decide to opt for a micro wedding, postpone, re-postpone or hold your ceremony now and party later, here are the various cake options available to you. 

We’re getting married, regardless!

If you’ve decided you’re sick of waiting, can’t bear the thought of postponing (again in some cases) and just want to be married then here are your cake options for your micro wedding…

Cake makes people happy

2020 has been a rough year of planning, postponing, re-postponing or paring back and re-paring back your wedding day.  You could adopt the philosophy, ‘It’s our wedding day! Cake makes people happy. So let’s have the same size and just serve bigger slices!’. 

bride and groom cutting their wedding cake
Steve Elliot Photography

Or you could reserve a tier for slicing and sharing after your micro wedding with loved ones unable to attend.  Yay!  No further admin, great for the photos (and I still get my creativity fix and earn that income). And everyone gets cake.

Two-tier cake

Opt for a smaller cake but, again, serve dessert portions.  By reducing your original cake size to, say, two (tall as standard) tiers your cake will still make an impact.  My smallest two-tier cake will serve 30 dessert portions so you and your guests can demolish 15 generous slices on the day.  And, again, you’ll have some left to treat those guests unable to attend your micro wedding.  Yes, a little bit of wedmin on your part but I still get to create, albeit with a reduced income.

micro wedding victorian plaster-inspired textural two tier wedding cake

One-tier cake

Opt for a single tier. See my Intimate weddings blog post for further details.  A single tier will be sufficient for 20 dessert/40 finger portions.  So some guests can have seconds or you can share with guests unable to be at your micro wedding.  You still get a beautiful (tall as standard) bespoke cake and whilst my business isn’t sustainable on these small orders indefinitely, it enables me to fulfil more weddings per week than larger commissions allow. And may perhaps help to keep the wolf from my door (just!).    

single tier wedding cake with delicate sugar floral wreath of rose wax flowers astrantia and scabious
close up single tier wedding cake with rose wax flowers astrantia and scabious
Elegant piped single tier micro wedding cake with statement sugar flowers
Pale blue single tier wedding cake with statement sugar flower arrangement and sugar sequins
close up single tier pale blue wedding cake with sugar fowers and  sequins
single tier wedding cake with watercolour and gold leaf accents and sugar floral stem
close up single tier wedding cake with sugar flowers and berries


Alternatively, if you’d much prefer to stick to your numbers so you can marry in front of all your loved ones and have that massive party then act soon, postpone (again in some cases) and have the wedding cake size and design you’ve already chosen.  Before setting that new date in stone though, please do check with your suppliers for their availability.  Yes, postponement is far from ideal but if you’ve got your heart set on your original wedding plan then it means your day will come and the (hopefully) less inhibited celebration you will be allowed will be worth the wait.

Do both!

You can’t wait to be married but also want that big party.  Then do both!  Go ahead with a micro wedding. An intimate 15-person ceremony and reception with your nearest and dearest for which I can create a one-tier version of your cake design.  Then, subject to my availability for your new date, I can provide your multi-tiered cake for your big party. 

hyrangea cake single and multi tiers

Since yesterday’s announcement, and subsequent emails received from my couples, I can confirm that this is the most popular option.  Again, do check my availability before confirming that new date with your venue.

Sugar flowers

If you’re at the start of your wedding planning and have decided to ask a family member or friend to bake your wedding cake I also offer beautiful bespoke sugar flowers for you to decorate your own cake. Sugar flowers keep indefinitely if stored correctly (see FAQs for details) so you can cherish them for ever as a lovely memento of your special day!

Sugar flower arrangement of Icelandic poppy ranunculus sweet peas and roses
Sugar flower arrangement of Icelandic poppy ranunculus sweet peas and roses

Of course, I’d love to make your cake too but appreciate not everyone’s in the market for a bespoke cake, which is why I offer this service. 

sugar flower arrangement of roses sea holly veronica and foliage
arrangement of sugar roses lilies cherry blossom and foliage
sugar flower arrangement of cosmos waxflowers scabious roses foliage and berries

Please see my Sugar Flower Portfolio for more inspiration.    

Bespoke, attentive service

Whatever your choice for your wedding day – whether you’re already booked in with me, at the start of your wedding journey and flummoxed by yesterday’s announcement, or in your first or second round of postponing or paring back, I feel your pain. And I’m so grateful for my couples’ kindness and consideration. I’m here to support you and be as flexible as I can every step of the way.

With Love, Amanda x

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