Naked and Semi-naked Cakes

Naked and Semi-naked Cakes

An impromptu blog post as a result of receiving sooo many enquiries this year, last year and this week.  Here goes.  As mentioned in my FAQs, I don’t offer ‘naked’ or ‘semi-naked’ cakes!  There, I said it.

Two reasons.


I’m a ‘detail’ girl.  Whether it’s bespoke hand piping (no generic stencils here!) to match your dress, or inspired by your venue or invitations…

hand piped detail collage

Lace piping inspired by (L-R): Top row: Joanne Fleming Design flapper-style dress | Blue by Enzoani ‘Iva’ wedding dress | Claire Pettibone ‘Notre Dame’ wedding dress. Middle row: Pronovias ‘Prima Donna’ wedding dress | Liberty Fabric | Luxury Invitations. Bottom row: wedding dress hemline | mehndi | Ian Stuart ‘Bali’ wedding dress

lace brush embroidery close up

Inspired by Berketex ‘Eliza’ wedding dress

bespoke pearlised hand piping

lace brush embroidery

Inspired by Justin Alexander ‘Jayanti’ wedding dress

wedding cake gold detail

Image courtesy Amanda Manby Photography

bespoke hand piped lace brush embroidery

Inspired by wedding dress lace

pearlised hand piping

Inspired by Eliza Jane Howell ‘Angelica’ wedding dress

hand painted detail to reflect your flowers…

hand painted hydrangea detail

or sugar flowers to match your fresh ones…

white sugas roses aerial view

red sugar damask rose

Image courtesy Amanda Manby Photography

hot pink sugar ranunculus

sugar lavender wreath

sugar rose and ivy bouquet

blush, nude and cappucino sugar roses

ivory sugar roses

sugar david austin rose scabiosa seed heads ranunculus and snowberries

I want to create something special for your special day!

And, whilst I love the idea of a sponge cake oozing with silky buttercream and fruity berry conserve for a family dinner or afternoon tea, for weddings I like to provide something a bit more special.  I thrive on the creativity of providing delicate sugar flowers and/or using detail to reflect your wedding styling.  As a creative it’s so important to love what you’re working on.  It makes me happy, makes me produce the best work I’m capable of, so makes my clients happy!


To ensure the cakes don’t dry out on your wedding day, naked and semi-naked cakes need to be baked the day before your wedding.  If you’re offering a large number of portions this can often necessitate working through the night.  I value (and need!) my sleep so don’t do that.

Without a protective buttercream or ganache coating the cakes have a shorter shelf life.  The cake can be badly affected if the room where it’s displayed is too hot and can dry out if the room’s too cold.  If you do opt for a naked cake, ensure your supplier is scheduled to assemble the cakes on site as close to the start of your wedding breakfast as possible, to avoid serving dry cake.  No-one wants that.

Your Wedding – Your Choice!

Of course, you may really have your heart set on a naked cake or semi-naked cake – that’s fine – it’s your wedding and you should have what makes you happy!  It’s an important purchase and only fair that, whatever you want for your wedding day, it should be created by a cake maker who’s thrilled to do so.

Whilst I don’t offer naked or semi-naked cakes, I do offer an alternative – read on!

Buttercream & Belgian Chocolate Ganache Cakes

I do use, in my opinion, the best-tasting and best-performing sugarpaste (that’s fondant – if you’re in the US) and only a thin 3mm layer of it.  But, I do appreciate that not everyone likes the sweetness.  Or they’d like a less formal or a rustic finish.  For this reason I do offer cakes cleanly-iced in buttercream or couverture Belgian chocolate ganache.  They provide a good canvas for sugar flowers – so I get my sugar flower creativity hit and my clients get the detail to reflect their styling, plus the taste they want.  Win-win!

One thing to note though, buttercreamed or ganached cakes are vulnerable to heat sources so are unsuitable for summer marquee or outdoor weddings.

Here’s an autumal buttercream-coated wedding cake in situ at Wood Hall Hotel & Spa.  Decorated with sugar foliage and flowers, it has three different-flavoured tiers – lavender & pear iced in lavender buttercream, lemon cake iced in zesty lemon buttercream and Madagascan vanilla iced in Madagascan vanilla buttercream.  Thank you to Sugarbird Photography for the beautiful images…

autumn wedding cake with sugar leaves

Image courtesy Sugarbird Photography

autumn wedding cake with sugar leaves

autumn wedding cake with sugar foliage

Image courtesy Sugarbird Photography

autumnal buttercream wedding cake

Images courtesy Sugarbird Photography

autumnal buttercream wedding cake close up

Image courtesy Sugarbird Photography

Bespoke Wedding Cake Design

So, to summarise, I’d rather provide elegance, a sponge texture and taste you can be certain will be exquisite, and meticulous attention to detail for the most special cake you’ll buy in your life.

With love, Amanda x

Amanda Earl monogram