Requests to copy other cake designers

Requests to copy other cake designers

Like many cake designers, I’m sure, I’ve always received requests to copy other cake designers, but particularly so at the moment – three this last week! So I thought I’d write a blog post to share my thoughts on copying.

That initial enquiry

It’s always lovely when an enquiry drops into my inbox but, as a creative soul, requests to copy other cake designers’ work I tend to interpret (rightly or wrongly – I don’t know) as hesitance regarding my own work and/or design skills. 

Design inspiration

Of course, it’s helpful for me to have an insight into your design preferences. However, these can be gleaned from the elements of your wedding. Such as your wedding outfits…

his tie or waistcoat, your fresh flowers…

your stationery suite, that gorgeous bit of ceiling at your venue…. inspiration is everywhere.

To copy or not to copy?

Yes, I could make life easy and (after seeking the appropriate permissions) go right ahead and copy other cake designers.  It would be profitable and far less time-consuming for me but I would derive zero satisfaction and it wouldn’t make me happy.  Plus, I’d feel guilty.  Guilty that I’d taken another cake designer’s idea and profited from it.  Guilty that I’d not provided my full design service to you.  Guilty for not putting my own work out there. So, no. Copying isn’t for me. To be honest, if that was my job I’d probably give up.

Bespoke as standard

I realise you’ve probably not commissioned a wedding cake before and having scoured the internet think, “oooh yes, I want that one!” But why, on such a momentous day of your life, would you want someone else’s cake when you can have your own?  I’d love to create it for you.  My service is bespoke as standard, so use me! Let’s work together to design your wedding cake.

floral and lace wedding cake sketch by Amanda Earl Cake Design
Foliage and sea holly garland wedding cake sketch by Amanda Earl Cake Design

Alternatively, if you’re feeling really brave you may even like to give me absolute free rein so you have a complete surprise on your wedding day! Admittedly, that’s a rarity but it would be my dream commission.

Creativity wins!

Luckily, the majority of my clients come to me because they’re drawn to my work.  That is such a compliment, absolute validation and makes for a wonderful working relationship.  The creative process is exciting for both you and me – I only have to see your secret pinterest board for my brain to start brimming with ideas for you! Creativity is the reason I do this job. Indeed, this makes for award-winning designs…

Amanda Earl Cake design The Cake Professionals Awards Regional winner for small wedding cake
Amanda Earl Cake design The Cake Professionals Awards Regional winner for Large wedding cake

Your wedding cake

I’m not saying my designs are innovative or trend-setting. You won’t find them replicated all over the internet. But what they are is a blend of your aspirations and my imagination, executed with meticulous attention to detail, making them unique to you, your styling and your wedding.  Your wedding cake. That makes me (and you!) happy.

If you’d like to commission me to design your bespoke, scrumptious wedding cake just get in touch!

With love, Amanda x


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