vegan wedding cakes

Vegan wedding cakes

Vegan wedding cakes

With the rise of those embracing a plant-based diet, and prompted by a recent wedding enquiry, I thought it was time I explored vegan wedding cake options.  To enable me to potentially add vegan wedding cakes to my menu I started my research.

I’ve always been a fan of good quality proper butter and local free-range eggs in cakes.  So I knew I didn’t want to start my vegan cake experiments by adapting my lighter sponge recipes which call for butter and eggs.  Chocolate fudge cakes tend to be made with oil rather than butter, fewer eggs and are often indistinguishable from non-vegan cakes when adapted for a vegan diet, hence chocolate cake was my starting point!


Therefore, armed with dairy-free Belgian vegan dark chocolate, organic unsweetened soya milk and no local free range eggs,  I’ve done some test bakes…vegan chocolate fudge cake baking and filling

Next, I conducted consumer taste tests and the feedback was excellent!  The cake has a good depth of chocolatey flavour and a lovely moist texture.  Whilst vegan cakes are a little more fragile than their non-vegan counterparts, this cake still sliced well.  It’s therefore perfect as a vegan wedding cake.

Vegan Belgian dark chocolate fudge cake…

vegan wedding cakes vegan chocolate fudge cake

vegan wedding cakes vegan chocolate fudge cake aerial view

Vegan wedding cakes – fillings

I usually fill my dark chocolate fudge cake with Madagascan vanilla or dark chocolate buttercream using good quality real dairy butter.  I did a test making vegan frosting with dairy-free spread and it confirmed my view that it shouldn’t be let anywhere near a cake!  The mouth feel and taste were just not as good as dairy buttercream.

So, instead, I decided to fill this vegan dark chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate ganache.  Ganache is a mixture of boiled whipping cream and good quality couverture dark chocolate.  For my vegan chocolate ganache I sourced a vegan dark chocolate with 55% cocoa solids and substituted coconut milk for the whipping cream.  The result?  Absolutely delicious and indistinguishable from my usual ganache!

Decadently filled with vegan Belgian dark chocolate vanilla ganache…vegan wedding cakes vegan chocolate fudge cake slice

vegan chocolate fudge cake and slice

vegan chocolate fudge cake slice close up

vegan dark chocolate fudge cake slice close up

Vegan salted caramel

To give my vegan clients more choice I wanted to explore other fillings.  So, I undertook a number of tests for vegan salted caramel.  Four attempts later and success!  This delicious vegan salted caramel could be teamed with vegan chocolate ganache to add another flavour note.jar of homemade vegan salted caramel sauce

jar of homemade vegan salted caramel sauce aerial view

Being so impressed with the chocolate fudge cake I was determined to offer more vegan cake choices.

So I ventured into testing vegan alternatives for the regular victoria sponge flavours I offer.  Dairy-free spread is neither great in cakes nor buttercream.  Vegan butter is the answer!  It’s readily available and, with less water content than dairy-free spreads, behaves a lot like butter in baking.  Plus – the taste is great so it makes a delicious buttercream too.  It’s perfect to fill both my vegan Victoria sponge cakes and my vegan chocolate fudge cakes.

Vegan Victoria sponge cakes

So, it began.  Madagascan vanilla cake first.  Here it is successfully baked, alongside my next test… caramel cake…

vegan cake baking

Then on to filling the cakes.  Everything in the photo below is made from scratch.  The cakes, the buttercreams, the syrups, the almond praline, the salted caramel.  Everything.  Takes longer but you know what’s in it and it tastes better than anything you can buy, ready-made, from a supermarket.

caramel and vanilla cakes and fillings

vegan sponge cakes and fillings

Vegan Madagascan vanilla cake

vegan Madagascan vanilla cake

Vegan caramel & praline cake

vegan caramel and praline cake

Again, a little more fragile than their non-vegan counterparts but they both slice well… Madagascan vanilla cake slice

vegan caramel and praline cake slice

Vegan wedding cakes – flavours

For my vegan wedding cakes range, after a final shelf-life test (see my IGTV video!) I’m therefore happy to say I can now offer the following:

  • Belgian chocolate fudge cake layered with Belgian dark chocolate vanilla ganache or Madagascan vanilla buttercream.  Optional alternate layer of sea-salted caramel sauce.
  • Belgian mint chocolate fudge cake layered with Belgian mint dark chocolate ganache or peppermint buttercream.
  • Madagascan vanilla cake layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and strawberry conserve.
  • Caramel cake layered with almond praline buttercream and sea-salted caramel sauce.
  • Marc de Champagne infused Madagascan vanilla cake layered with Marc de Champagne buttercream and strawberry & Marc de Champagne conserve.
  • Lemon cake layered with zesty lemon buttercream and blueberry conserve.
  • Lavender cake layered with lavender buttercream and pear conserve.

vegan wedding cake samplesI’ll neatly coat all my vegan wedding cakes in vegan Belgian dark chocolate ganache.  They can then be iced in my usual Massa Ticino Tropic sugarpaste which is suitable for vegans.  And, of course, any bespoke piped decoration I would add using vegan royal icing.  Also, I can create any sugar floral decorations using vegan florist paste, vegan-friendly colours and without any confectioners glaze.

Vegan wedding cakes

Vegan wedding cakes – deeeelicious and added to my menu!

So, vegans, you can have a bespoke wedding cake from me too!  I would love to create a vegan wedding cake for you – feel free to get in touch!

With love, Amanda x

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