Wedding Fair – Mint, Peach & White at Falcon Manor

As a consequence of creating a wedding cake for a Falcon Manor bride just before Christmas I was delighted, in early January, when Emily (Falcon Manor’s ‘Dream Maker’!) invited me to showcase my work at their first wedding fair of the year.

Wedding Fair Mood Board

With a pastel mint, peach and white colour scheme this is their mood board from which I was asked to draw inspiration….

wedding fair mint peach and white moodboard

As one of my favourite features at Falcon Manor is their beautiful feather light fittings I just knew I would have to use them as inspiration too!

wedding venue decor

Image courtesy of Teresa C Photography

Design Process

I don’t tend to ‘wing’ anything.  Preferring to have a plan to follow, I sketch all my designs in 3D half scale (well the cakes are 3D but I’m not the greatest draughtsperson so the flowers are 2D!) prior to starting any sugar work.  I find this allows me, when making the flowers and foliage, to gauge the correct size of blooms and length of stems so the proportions are correct in relation to the size of the cake.  Once assembled into various arrangements they will all then flow and work well together.

Firstly, interpreting the peach element literally, I decided to include some little sugar peaches!  The beauty of creating sugar flowers is the artistic license.  I added peach blossoms to accompany the fruit which would never occur together naturally!  Next, taking inspiration from the various floral bouquets and displays within the mood board, I included roses and Easter lilies – blooms, buds and foliage.  Next, I incorporated some succulents (specifically Pachyphytum-viride – no I can’t pronounce it either!) which nicely complement the profile of the lilies and are also found in the mood board.  Finally, I added lambs ears – their minty colour would be just perfect!

Following the pastel colour palette, I decided to ice one tier in mint and one in peach.  Finally, to add a little of the pastel theme to the two remaining white tiers I added some subtle watercolour painting – flecked with a little gold…wedding fair mint peach white design cake sketch


Firstly, I created the sugar roses – various sizes in peach and white…

… and the little peaches… dusted in an assortment of edible blossom tints, namely Sugarflair rose mixed with a little red, tangerine, cornish cream, then aubergine – on their bottoms!  Finally, I finished them off with a light dusting of white all over to create a dusty velvety peach skin effect…sugar peaches … the sugar peach blossoms…sugar peach blossoms

and the lilies…sugar lilies

It took me around five to six hours to assemble all the flowers, foliage and fruit (and feathers!) into five branches (excuse the poor quality photo – it was late!)…sugar flower and foliage arrangements

keeping the succulents separate due to their bulkiness.  I then carefully (breathing not optional) attached the five branches and the succulents to the cake to create the feather/floral/fruit/foliage cascade.

The Cake

Here is ‘Lily’ all complete…

wedding fair mint peach white wedding cake

Lily: iced in pastel mint, peach and white with watercolour and gold accents, and a cascade of sugar florals, fruit and foliage. The sugar and hand piped feathers are inspired by Falcon Manor’s beautiful light fittings!

and a few self-indulgent close-ups…sugar lily roses blossoms and succulent

close up sugar lily roses blossoms and succulent

sugar lily peaches and roses

Hand piped feathers…

Watercolour with edible gold lustré speckles…

close up wedding cake with hand piped feathers

Wedding Fair

I’ll be showcasing ‘Lily’ at Falcon Manor’s forthcoming wedding fair on 28th January 2018!

wedding fair falcon manor

I’ll be sharing delicious cake samples too and look forward to meeting lots of lovely couples and talking all things wedding!

Lovely Words

I received lovely feedback from both the couples attending the fair and Falcon Manor’s staff…  check out Falcon Manor’s blog for their lovely words and for details of all the other fabulous suppliers!

With Love, Amanda x

Amanda Earl monogram