New cake by post service

Cake by post

Introducing my cake by post service!  Five different flavours of beautifully presented cake samples posted direct to your door. So you can sample my cakes in the comfort of your own home!  

eco-friendly presentation box

In normal circumstances I hold the majority of my wedding cake consultations/tastings face-to-face.  I much prefer it this way so I can gauge your immediate reactions during both the tasting and design process.  But, given the strange world 2020 has thrown at us, with restrictions on meeting I thought it timely to introduce my cake by post service.

Of course, my cake by post service is ideal if, like many enquiries I receive, you’re non-local but marrying in Yorkshire. Generally, couples secure their date with me after a consultation and tasting. But, if you live further afield we often delay the consultation until you’re in the area visiting the venue and other suppliers.  This way, though, there’s always a risk the date may get filled in the meantime.  With my cake by post service you can enjoy my cake in the comfort of your own home. Consequently, you can secure your date safe in the knowledge that my cakes taste delicious! 

stem ginger cake
stem ginger and lemon cake close up

Many non-local couples do take a leap of faith and choose to secure their date with me before tasting. However, I feel it’s nice to have the option to try before you buy so I’m delighted to now offer my cake by post service.


I did exhaustive (and exhausting!) packaging research at the start of lockdown #1.  However, I held off sourcing immediately. In the fullness of time, packaging may have proven superfluous if social distancing restrictions were lifted and stayed that way.  (Yes, I was being optimistic.)  But now, realistically, this is a still a long road so I’ve made the decision to source all the packaging necessary to offer my cake by post service.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

eco friendly sustainable packaging

I feel very strongly that my cake by post packaging, whilst incurring expense for me, should not cost the planet.  Of course, presentation is important and has to reflect my luxury, bespoke service.  But, what is paramount to me is that my packaging reflects my business (and life) ethos. Hence, I need it to be eco-friendly, ethically sourced and sustainable.  Yes, it costs more, but the benefits to the planet far outweigh this.  For me, non-eco-friendly alternatives just aren’t an option.

ethically sourced sustainable packaging

During my extensive research I discovered Tiny Box Company and their sister company, Tiny Box Maker, who provide a fully bespoke service.  They pride themselves on being a sustainable and minimal waste company.  With such eco-friendly credentials I knew they were the right supplier for me. So, I commissioned them to make my custom presentation/postal/keepsake boxes – made from recycled materials with a paper covering from sustainable forests. 

eco-friendly custom gift box Tiny Box Maker
Eco-friendly bespoke gift box Tiny box Maker
recycled gift box Tiny Box Maker
recycled presentation box Tiny Box Maker

Accessories and labelling

I also sourced from Tiny Box Company

  • tissue paper which is acid free, 99% recycled pulp fibres, vegan, and recyclable
  • natural Kraft paper packing tape which is sustainably sourced, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. 
cake by post sustainable packaging
cake by post recycled packaging

Other necessities, I found through much research online, namely

  • Wrapping paper: natural Kraft 100% recycled, recyclable
  • Logo labels: 100% recycled paper, vegan, compostable, recyclable
  • Address/flavour labels: cane fibre (Bagasse) and without silicone, wood free (no trees) compostable, biodegradable, recyclable
  • Allergen sheet: premium recycled (50% coffee cup waste, destined for landfill and 50% paper mill waste) acid free paper
  • Cellophane: food grade certified, compostable, biodegradable, vegan friendly.
eco-friendly packaging
ethically sourced packaging

So, as I’m busy wrapping and packing my cake slices, I feel really content that my packaging choices are not adversely affecting our planet!


luxury packaged wedding cake sample slices
“We just tried the caramel and praline 😍 it’s so delicious!” R, bride-to-be

I sent out my first batch of cake by post on 26 November 2020. Deliberately, I planned for delivery on Friday 27 November as this was due to be one of my couple’s (originally marrying in Summer 2020) rescheduled wedding day. Although, sadly they’re (again) unable to marry just yet, I thought it would be nice for them to be able to mark the occasion with some cake.

luxury wedding cake sample slices by post

Consequently, I’ve already received fabulous feedback. Firstly, from couples already booked in but with whom I’ve been unable to meet face-to-face. And secondly, others who are now keen to ‘meet’ for a video consultation having thoroughly enjoyed their cake by post! And, finally, enquiries from former brides – keen to taste my cake again!

“I wondered if I would be able to order a box as I’ve never tasted cake as good as yours!” M, bride 2017
“How about five slices of Stem Ginger & Lemon? I would have another wedding just to have more cake!” M, bride 2018

Vegan cake by post

I can also offer cake by post for vegans too…

vegan wedding cake samples by post

…and I’m thrilled to have received lovely feedback already! For all my vegan flavours check out my menu and my vegan wedding cakes blog post.

“The cake samples were absolutely amazing, above and beyond everything I had expected. The lavender and pear was incredible.” L, bride-to-be 2021

Bespoke wedding cake design

My charge for my cake by post service is £42. This includes a full design consultation via video to enable us to work together to design your bespoke wedding cake.  This sum is redeemable against a wedding cake order exceeding £500 (excluding delivery).  If you’re considering commissioning me to design and create your wedding cake but can’t meet me in person and would love some cake by post, just get in touch

luxury wedding cake sample slices and eco-friendly packaging

Subscription gift service

cake by post gift service

I may also consider extending my cake by post service to a subscription gift service, providing the opportunity to order cakes to send as a gift for loved ones (or even yourself!) subject to demand and my availability… 

cake by post gift box
luxyury boxed cake slices by post
vintage plated cake slices and a scattering of fresh pink fuchsia and roses

Watch this space…

vintage plated cake slices close up

With Love, Amanda x

Amanda Earl monogram