Floral wedding cake – The Priests House

Ivory and lilac floral wedding cake

sugar foliage

As last weekend’s wedding was my first opportunity in 14 months to create a tiered wedding cake I thought I’d blog it!  Primarily to share more images of this ivory and lilac floral wedding cake for a wedding in the glorious setting that is The Priests House.    

With every wedding cake I take a LOT of photos (usually around 60 to 75) which I then scrutinise and edit. Just simple colour tuning, adding light, reducing saturation.  Not to mention straightening any images I took that are wonky!  I then ruthlessly narrow these down to around 15 to 20 of the absolute best ones.  Before I share them anywhere, the first thing I do is email them to my couple. They should be the first to see both the cake and the images! 

close up lace wedding cake

Initial enquiry

Impressed by the quality of my cakes and feedback (her words, not mine!), the bride initially enquired about a 2-tier floral wedding cake.  However, after having a chat with her fiancé he was also impressed with the cakes on my website, particularly my intricate floral designs. So, although they’d planned an intimate wedding with 32 guests (long before it was a legal requirement!), they went for a 3-tier floral wedding cake to serve 70.  Throughout all the planning, postponing, re-planning and re-postponing the couple maintained that whatever guest number restrictions they were faced with on whatever date they were finally allowed to marry, they still wanted their 3-tier cake!

Design process

With the couple due to marry in August 2020, I was originally due to meet them face-to-face in March 2020.  But, obviously, the pandemic prevented this. Consequently, I provided my Cake by post sample service – beautifully packaged cake direct to their door! 

cake by post wedding cake samples

Then we finally met via video a week later to design their cake.  Whilst I much prefer meeting face-to-face, being unable to do so does not hinder the design process or the final result. My couple absolutely loved their wedding cake!

The bride loves roses, so Debbie Leathley at The Priests House was using fresh roses in the fresh floral styling. The colour palette was pinks, violet, pale lilac, greens and white.  Consequently, sugar roses were to form most of the decoration for the couple’s floral wedding cake.  The groom liked my Kulthoum floral wedding cake – featuring sugar flowers and foliage arranged in an elongated ‘S’ shape.  He also liked my Olive design with its showy greenery. Hence, we used these designs as a starting point and I roughly sketched… 

rough floral wedding cake sketch

Once we’d finalised the sugar florals and foliage we (politely) banished the groom from the room so we could chat about the dress.  The bride was to wear ‘Sydney’ by Essense of Australia – a beautiful lace wedding dress. Here’s some of the lace detail…

Essense of Australia Sydney wedding dress lace detail

Therefore, I incorporated various elements of the lace in the form of hand piped lace brush embroidery.  In ivory, the lace would ‘pop’ out from the contrasting lilac tier. Placed on the diagonal and curving upwards at the left it would also echo the arrangement of sugar florals and foliage. 

Final sketch

Here she is in sketch form… ‘Valerie’!

lilac floral wedding cake final sketch

I create my sketches on premium recycled (50% coffee cup waste destined for landfill coupled with 50% paper mill waste) . I keep your sketch safe and then post it to you after your wedding day.

Sugar flowers and foliage

Just some of the sugar flowers and foliage I made for the cake…

large sugar ivory rose

pink and ivory large sugar roses

lilac pink ivory sugar rose and hydrangea arrangement
ivory sugar rose and leaves

Ivory and lilac floral wedding cake – ‘Valerie’

And here are some photos of the finished cake…

ivory and lilac floral wedding cake
ivory and lilac floral and lace wedding cake


close up lilac and lace wedding cake tier
close up pink ivory and lilac sugar roses and hydrangea
close up pink and lilac sugar roses and hand piped lace
close up pink ivory and lilac sugar flowers
close up sugar roses and hydrangea
close up sugar roses eucalyptus and olive leaves
close up sugar roses hydrangea and foliage
close up sugar olive leaves and eucalyptus

Hand piped lace detail…

close up lace brush embroidery
close up lace piping
cluse up hand piped lace

Tall tiers as standard…

ivory and lilac floral wedding cake
ivory and lilac floral wedding cake aerial shot left
ivory and lilac floral wedding cake aerial shot right

Flavours were (from the top):

  • Lemon layered with zesty lemon buttercream and home made lemon curd, coated in Belgian white chocolate lemon ganache
  • Stem Ginger & Lemon with zesty lemon buttercream, coated in zesty Belgian white chocolate lemon ganache.
  • Rich dark chocolate fudge cake layered with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and coated in Belgian white chocolate ganache.
slice of lemon cake
Lemon cake
slice of stem ginger and lemon cake
Stem Ginger & Lemon cake
dark chocolate fudge cake slice
Dark Chocolate Fudge cake

After photographing and just before I boxed the cake for safe transit I also made a video to showcase the sugar flowers and lace up close.

In situ at The Priests House

In a glorious setting with superb views of the valley and surrounding hills, The Priests House is just beautiful. With a good camera but amateur photography skills I usually struggle with venue shots. However, with the Priests House’s original features, large windows and chandeliers it’s not difficult for me to get a nice photo. The most difficult element was ensuring there were no staff (lovely as they all are) in shot! Here is the couple’s wedding cake ‘Valerie’ in situ…

floral wedding cake at the priests house
ivory and lilac and lace floral wedding cake at the priests house
ivory and lilac floral wedding cake at the priests house
close up ivory lilac and lace floral wedding cake at the priests house
floral wedding cake on display priests house
floral wedding cake on display priests house closer

Happy clients!

I was delighted to receive a thank you email the following day from the bride and a subsequent google review to say that the cake looked and tasted amazing – job done!

Bespoke cake design

If you’d like me to create your bespoke wedding cake I’d be delighted to hear from you – just get in touch!

With love, Amanda x

Amanda Earl monogram